A Little Update

Here's my shameless plug for all the prints, products and collaborations I have available right now.

I mainly set up the Digilogue as a place to share my thoughts on current events, philosophy, things I’m reading and a bit of artistic process stuff but every now and then I’ll post one of these. It’s just a round up of all the things I have available to purchase in various places. I am after all a full time artists and dependent on these income streams to stay afloat. Right now with California moving back into the strictest stay home order as hospitals reach their limits treating Covid cases I am more limited than I already was in what I can do for income. I realise it’s a tough time for a lot of people though but on the off chance you’re looking for something interesting to purchase for a Christmas gift, here goes:

I just realised I have two of these screen prints available (They were on hold) so there’s a chance to snatch up one of these if you missed out before!

I still have about 5 small (A4) hand painted works on paper available for $250.00 US each. I really like these loose studies that I did during the peak of the wildfires here. I had been painting outside on the balcony but with the air increasingly hazardous to breathe I had to move indoor and work on something a little smaller.

I recently did this cool collaboration with Rugtomize which turned out awesome! It’s a 5’ x 6’ Chenille Rug, only 8 were made. They’re selling for $1000 US each. It’s based on one of the studies I made during the first Covid lockdown in Aotearoa while I was unable to work in my studio. I did 50 of those studies in that time.

I think in one of my earlier posts I talked about the process in creating this release with 1XRun for their 10th birthday celebrations. The total edition was 25 and I think there may be a few left. I’ve never been the type of artist with so much hype that I break the server when I release something but generally things sell in time. I’m a slow burner I guess but I like to believe that’s a good thing!

I have this framed painting on paper still available with the good people at Fiksate Gallery in Christchurch. It was part of the Urban Abstract show last year. It’s the only one of these glitch paintings in analogue form so far. It’s Mixed media on 400gsm Fabriano paper, 848mm x 1148mm framed. I’d really love to see this one go to a good home!

I also sent these 4 works back home recently for the Limn Gallery pop up show in Ponsonby. To my knowledge a couple of them are already gone but there are definitely a couple still available. They are Inkjet print, acrylic, spray paint, gel medium on 300 gsm Fabriano paper, 750mm x 1050mm. I started these while still based in New York earlier this year. After the initial pandemic situation happened, I wound up stuck in Aotearoa for 3.5 months and my wife had to pack down our apartment and move everything cross country to California. I finished these off on our balcony overlooking San Jose in July. If you’re interested in seeing which are available hit up Matt at Limn Gallery. you can also see the whole body of work at a larger size here.

Also I have a couple of things going on for charity. I have this available in the NYC Salt print sale. 100% of net proceeds will support NYC Salt’s visual arts education and college preparation classes for underserved high school students in NYC.

My wife and I are also in the midst of organising a charity print release to raise money for grass roots organisation Hijas Del Campo. They are doing incredible work here in Northern California supporting migrant farm workers during these challenging times. They’ve been hit with both the Pandemic and the wildfires and these months ahead is their off-season. For those that have young children enrolled in local schools, travelling to different regions is off the table so they have to make their resources last until the next season. We are working with our friends Malie Muffman, Victor Reyes and Zes plus I am releasing a print for this too. More info coming in the next week or so.

Anyway, that’s the gist of what I have going on right now. Also in the process of sorting visas and getting organised to head home to Aotearoa early next year. I have one festival lined up in Bluff and then in late March we have the opening of the TMD show at The Dowse Museum in Lower Hutt. There is also going to be a week long mural festival taking place around the launch of that show featuring all TMD artists. Really looking forward to heading home, seeing everyone and being able to work once again. It’s definitely been a year to remember that’s for sure! Much love to everyone and I hope you all can have a restful and joyous holiday season!