An Introduction to The Digilogue

In a year of such uncertainty I've managed to achieve a lot more clarity in my creative direction. I'm really keen to share my thoughts and process and think this is the best platform to do it.

Firstly, let me start off by saying thanks in advance. If you’ve received this post directly to your email it’s because you have either signed up to my mailing list on my site, you’re a patreon supporter, purchased a print or small art work from me or are a friend or family member. If you don’t want to receive these I totally understand and won’t take any offence if you unsubscribe. I know how it is these days being bombarded by a million marketing emails but I promise if you stick with me I’ll keep it interesting!

Around a year and a half ago I initiated my Patreon account where I have been sharing my thoughts on a range of issues and also giving insight into my creative process. I think a lot of people have been deterred from reading my more in-depth writing over there, perhaps because they don’t want to download another app or feel that content is for my subscribers only. I’ve been getting the best engagement on Instagram, a platform so incompatible with long form writing that my last post functioned as much as an eye exam as an interesting analysis of the path to becoming a successfully working artist. You can also read that one (a little easier) on my Patreon here.

My intention is to share my writing with you on a range of subjects including: My creative process which is about finding the perfect balance between analogue and digital techniques. I also want to keep exploring some of the big ideas I was discussing prior to the global pandemic such as Imagining The Spray Can Of The Future and The Future Of The Mural Festival. I’ve been working on a book about my crew TMD that will be released next year and so I’d like to share some of my research about NZ graffiti history and the social conditions that shaped it. Additionally I’d like to keep talking about the various pathways I’ve been exploring in regards to surviving as an artist outside of the traditional routes.

For the most part I’ve existed outside of the traditional gallery world for my entire career. I used to feel insecure on some levels about this but post Covid-19 I’ve had a major reassessment of it all and I feel really happy about where I’ve landed and the freedom that has come with it. I feel that the art industry, especially the dealer galleries are experiencing the type of disruption that the music industry experienced almost two decades ago. I’ve worked my entire adult life around the periphery of the music industry as a visual artist, graphic designer and video maker and I think there are major lessons that apply here. The lack of transparency in the art world has offered a shield that has prolonged this disruption quite successfully but I don’t think any industry is completely invincible. I will get a bit deeper into this topic over the next few weeks.

A quick plug for some recent things I’ve been working on. I recently produced a 3 colour screen print with local San Jose printers Downtown Screen Printers. I made an edition of 30, 15 of those were rewards for my supporters on Patreon and the remaining 30 I released on my store. I’m super stoked that they all sold out in a couple of days. I’ve also just released a print on wood with Definitive Projects, another small San Jose based business. I also worked with both of the aforementioned printers to make a really unique set of prints to be released soon with my good friends 1XRun in Detroit for the 10th Year Anniversary celebrations. I can’t wait to share more about the process and the final images with everyone. They are definitely the culmination of all my different phases of work from the last decade.

I look forward to keeping you updated!