Analogue, Digital And Audio

A quick post about my latest things.

Hey everyone, Hope you’re all doing well! It’s been a busy week for me as my wife and I prepare to fly home to Aotearoa this weekend. Today we had our final Covid tests which hopefully come back negative and perfectly timed with the 72 hour from departure requirement to board. Over the weekend I was really stoked to sell one of my recent Digilogue works, actually the one I shared in my last post Digilogue 6. I’m packing that up today and shipping it out to it’s new owner tomorrow. I uploaded a new work on paper Digilogue 7 last week and I’m really happy with this one too.

Acrylic, Spray Paint, UV Pigment, Airbrush Ink & Clear Gel Medium
250 gsm BFK Rives
19.5” x 25.5” (49.5 x 64.7 cm)

Today I also released my very first piece of Crypto Art which has been an interesting learning experience. I initially looked into doing this with Super Rare roughly this time last year right at the start of the lockdown. Working increasingly in the digital medium I was really assessing what the future viability of making an income would look like. Obviously murals have been mostly off the table as well as opportunities to travel and show work. I ended up rebelling a bit against the idea and went back into working on paper but over the last few weeks I had so many people asking why I wasn’t pursuing it given that my work is a good fit for this platform. About 3 weeks ago I started reaching out again and working through the process of tokenising my first piece which went live today. Here’s the link to the fully animated version and below is the thumbnail. It’s entitled Digilogue 8 (not surprisingly) and was created in ProCreate, Forger, Photoshop and After Effects.

Over the last 5 weeks I’ve been hosting these Auckland Graffiti History discussions on my Instagram Live. Today I uploaded them in audio format to an RSS site and I’m in the process of having them approved for streaming via Apple Podcasts and Spotify. In the mean time you can check them out here. I’ve cut a lot of the uncomfortable rambling from the start. Given I listen to a lot of this sort of material while painting I’m happy to have these out there in this format for other artists or people interested in hearing about the history of our scene. I’m also using these chats for my research for the TMD book project and perhaps some future endeavours that look more broadly at the scene at large. It’s been a bit male dominated so far but I also promise to have some of the key women who made an impact in the upcoming weeks.

This will probably be my last update until I’m in Quarantine where I hope to keep you up to date with all the info regarding the upcoming show at The Dowse. Take care everyone!