Harvest Of The Sun And Moon

As I hinted to in an earlier post, my wife and I have started a side project called Altruismo to help raise money for grass roots organisations helping vulnerable communities in need. We are working with some of the great artists we know to release fine art editions, one per week for the next 4 weeks and all profits will go to Hijas Del Campo who are doing incredible work helping the migrant and seasonal farmworkers here in California. 

During these times more than ever we’ve seen huge disruption to many systems we overlook or take for granted. The farmworkers are doing some of the most essential work at great risk to their own safety amidst a global pandemic and massive wildfires within the region. 

It’s an honour to announce the first artist Victor Reyes who has made an incredible edition of 20, 18 impression silkscreen works on 250 gsm Coventry rag vellum. I cannot stress enough how rare these are, Victor almost never does editions. These are so beautiful in person with loads of subtlety.

These will be available for sale from 4pm PST this Monday 14 December on our website www.altruismo.club