Latest Works

I've found my groove again and making work I'm really enjoying

Somewhat ironically, while the US seems to be in free fall and there is plenty to be stressed and distracted by I’ve found a real rhythm with my painting again. I’ve been integrating my analogue and digital processes in a way that really adheres seamlessly. I’ve made a bunch of new works - 3 on paper and two on board and have uploaded them to my store for anyone that is interested.

It is always a little challenging to sell my work directly but in this current climate it’s worked out the best for me. I like dealing with people directly and also want to remind anyone interested in any of these that I’m always open to working something out. A lot of art even in the established galleries is paid off in instalments so if you see one of these that you really love feel free to contact me directly.

Hope everyone is holding up well out there wherever you are!