I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few days about the concept of compliance and in particular when it comes to health and safety when you’re workin…
The topic of originality within graffiti, the mural movement and art more broadly is complex for me. I actually feel a multitude of ways and it may com…
After an amazing 3 months in Aotearoa, we are back in the US getting ready for some huge life changes!
My wife Jasmine and my collaborative show opens this Friday June 4 at Fiksate Gallery in Christchurch.
It's been an intense but wonderful couple of months
A quick post about my latest things.
We're into the second month of 2021 and it feels like a lifetime already!
I've found my groove again and making work I'm really enjoying
A little round up of my last couple of weeks of 2020 and plans for 2021
As I hinted to in an earlier post, my wife and I have started a side project called Altruismo to help raise money for grass roots organisations helping…
Some reflections on surrendering during moments of uncertainty.
Here's my shameless plug for all the prints, products and collaborations I have available right now.